How the association works

The Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) is a cluster representing most of the e-mobility community in Slovakia – technology and hardware companies, recharging infrastructure operators, utilities, stakeholders from the automotive and energy industry, services and others. Through our activities, we advocate for a healthy and fair business environment. With the active development of reports and expert position papers, we improve the regulatory environment. Furthermore, we build awareness among the professional and general public. With R&I partners, we s support domestic innovations and R&D capacities.

  • SEVA was founded in 2012 as an association of legal entities (companies), and since 2021, it has been active as an officially certified cluster focused on e-mobility
  • Members meet regularly in the format of the Executive Committee, which addresses all relevant topics and activities on an ongoing basis
  • SEVA provides a platform for the networking with other members and the opportunity to communicate about business and common interests
  • SEVA actively proposes measures and regulations in all areas critical for business in the e-mobility industry (charging infrastructure, EV market, tariffs etc.)
  • Members receive regular market data via member newsletters
  • Members can use the association’s marketing channels to communicate their products and services
  • SEVA is active as the country representative within the Brussels-based European Association for Electromobility (AVERE), and SEVA’s director also acts as AVERE’s vice-president

Key facts about SEVA


If you want to become a member, apply through the form available below or by email. After approval of the membership by the members, the applicant shall pay the membership fee (EUR 2,000). Upon payment, the applicant becomes a full member and can participate in all the benefits and activities of the association.

SEVA is certified cluster focused on e-mobility

In 2021, SEVA was transformed into a cluster organisation and was certified by ESCA (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis). In October 2021, it was granted a bronze seal of excellence (Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE – Striving for Cluster Excellence) which illustrates the high level of SEVA’s structure, activities and networking. Simultaneously, SEVA was also formally registered on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.


In May 2022, SEVA was granted the seal “Advanced Cluster” by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency as part of the national cluster performance evaluation.


Application for membership

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