How does the association work?

  • SEVA is formally an association of legal entities (companies)
  • Members meet regularly in the format of the working groups or the Executive Committee, which addresses all relevant topics and activities on an ongoing basis
  • SEVA actively proposes measures and regulations in all areas important for business in the e-mobility industry (charging infrastructure, EV market, tariffs etc.)
  • SEVA publishes position papers on legislation and strategic documents produced by public authorities
  • Members receive regular information via informative emails
  • Members can use the association’s marketing channels to communicate their products and services
  • SEVA is active as the country representative within the Brussels-based European Association for Electromobility

Why become a member?

SEVA represents the electric mobility sector in Slovakia. Its aim is to promote the interests of its members in relation to central and local government authorities and other actors. The association aims to initiate and participate in the preparation of policies and strategic materials, legislation and projects in the field of electromobility. The association also aims to disseminate information on electric mobility and to promote active cooperation between public administrations, educational institutions, businesses and international partners.

SEVA is a national representative and member in the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE).

SEVA membership offers:

  • Mutual networking with other members and the opportunity to communicate about business and common interests
  • Access to electromobility news and information
  • Shaping the ecosystem, participating in the preparation of legislation and supporting measures
  • Information on new developments at the European Union level – SEVA is the national representative in the European Association for Electromobility (AVERE)
  • The possibility of using the association’s marketing channels to promote members’ products and services

How to become a member

A legal entity operating in the electromobility sector can become a member of SEVA. Interested members should apply using the form available on this page or by email. Once membership has been approved by the General Assembly, a membership fee must be paid (the current fee is EUR 1,000). Upon payment, the applicant becomes a full member and can participate in all the benefits and activities of the association.


Application for membership

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